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So, this blog has officially been closed… in order that a new one can be opened.

Here it is, one more one less, another adventure named MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS



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* No, wait… Where was I? The problem is, that… even if you said, “I love it,” I wouldn’t believe you. Julien, I no longer know when you’re playing or not. I’m lost. Wait, I’m not finished. Tell me you love me. Tell me, because if I tell you first, I’m afraid you’ll think it’s a game. Save me… I beg of you. (Sophie – Jeux d’Enfants)

* Sophie à 8 ans: What’ll you be when you grow up?
Julien à 8 ans: A tyrant!
Sophie à 8 ans: A tyrant? Your people subjugated?
Julien à 8 ans: Totally! With a harem, slaves, and torture every Thursday!
Sophie à 8 ans: Cool!
Julien à 8 ans: And you?
Sophie à 8 ans: Well, I… No, it’s too dumb.
Julien à 8 ans: Tell me!
Sophie à 8 ans: You won’t like it.
Julien à 8 ans: I told you! Tell me!
Sophie à 8 ans: I’d like to be a cream puff. A cream puff with apricots, or even a plain one. Lukewarm at the bakery. In the window.
Julien à 8 ans: A cream puff? As in cake?
Sophie à 8 ans: Of course! What else! A cream puff is a cream puff!
Julien à 8 ans: A cream puff… Yeah, of course, a cream puff! That’s brilliant!

I hope that I’ve healed during our time apart, and that I’m sitting with you while you read this. But if I’m not, it’s not because I don’t love you… Because I do. And it’s not because I don’t miss you, because I miss you already. It’ll just mean that I’m not better. And the story isn’t over yet. 

One Day

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“Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today. And I’ll remember it.”

15.07.1988 – 15.07.2011

Emma: I don’t want you thinking I’m bothered or anything about last night. I don’t want your phone number, or letters or postcards. I don’t want to get married to you. Definitely don’t want to have your babies. Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today. And if we should bump into each other sometime in the future, well that’s fine too. We’ll be friends.
Dexter: Yeah. Right.
[Dexter puts his hand on Emma’s shoulder]
Dexter: Or on the other hand.
Emma: Go on.
Dexter: Well, my parents don’t arrive until later.
Emma: So?
Dexter: So, my flat’s empty. If you want to…finish what we started.
Emma: What, sober?
Dexter: And in daylight.
[Emma smiles]
Emma: Race you!
[they run down the hill laughing]

[as Emma is walking away from Dexter and his parents she hears Dexter calling after her]
Dexter: Look, I need you phone number.
Emma: My number? Right, of course.
Dexter: Look, I’m so sorry about all of that. You know, I was expecting them until after we…well, you know.
Emma: Right.
[she writes down her number]
Emma: This is me in Edinburgh.
Dexter: Right.
Emma: Uh…my parents number. And uh…their address, just in case.
Dexter: Right.
Emma: Oh, dad’s got a fax machine at work.
Dexter: Just…just the phone numbers is fine.
[she gives him the paper with her numbers]
Emma: Thank you.
[she takes off her glasses and they kiss]
[last lines]
Dexter: Look, I’ve gotta go.
Emma: I know.
Dexter: But we will see each other again.
Emma: I know we will.
[smiling she turns to walk away]
Emma: Goodbye, Dex.
Dexter: Goodbye.
Emma: Goodbye.
[he watches her as she walks away and then turns to walk the opposite way]

My Blueberry Nights

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No matter how long the novel is, it must come to an end so that the author could write a new one and all the characters start living. No matter how great a chapter is, the readers still have to turn the pages to read the whole book.

No matter how magnificent a journey is, it also has a destination 🙂 And now the time has come. I’ve been taking this “My Blueberry Nights” Journey for 2 years and 8 months. This is the second adventure, also the one I like the most up to now. But I’m eagerly looking forward to discovering what lies ahead. I’m armed with the curiosity of a child and a faith of an adolescence. My Blueberry Nights Journey, with all its Elizabeth and Jeremy, the Beat Generation Spirit and the Jazz Soul, the Catcher in the Rye, One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest, the offbeat characters on the road, the vintage adventure to discover the “who” and somehow provokes that artistic part, is always a part of me. That’s still the spirit I carry on into the new house. Thanks to this second journey, I’m here and still amazing when looking back and realizing I’ve come this far 🙂 But the past has nothing new to say. So let’s hang up the phone and start a new conversation with the present and hope the best for the bright future.

Yet I still don’t think the second journey has come to an end. It’s still there and it’s just, say, transformed into another kind of energy. Haha, I don’t wanna sound physics here but it really is. I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. And it should start from within first, from the very deepest inner corner of myself.

I’m moving into a new house, my third journey. I start this voyage with the spirit of “She always has apples on her cheeks and springs in her step.” This will be the adventure of positive and simplicity. This will be the adventure of a blooming cherry blossom, of all the colors of a white canvas 🙂

Cheers! For my new journey 🙂

So, let’s say Happy New Year and Happy New Adventure!

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